Welding & Manufacturing

The Welding Technologies/Manufacturing program prepares students for entry level job skills in the Welding field or participation in a community or technical college program. Instruction is provided in safety, cutting and bending steel, shielded metal ARC welding, gas metal ARC welding (wire feed), gas tungsten ARC Welding (TIG), oxy acetylene torch cutting, project layout and construction, daily maintenance of shop and equipment and employability skills.

Students are required to complete welding and cutting operations as well as a required project. Students are expected to take American Welding Society Certification tests available to students in ARC, MIG, and Flux Core ARC Welding. If a student passes any of these certification tests he/she will receive a nationally recognized certificate which is valuable for securing employment. Time in this course is split between lecture and hands on activities. Second year students will focus on Manufacturing skills which are required by local manufacturers.