Special Education Plan

The Revised Administrative Rules for Special Education (R 340.1831) requires that each ISD board submit an ISD plan for special education to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  It is developed in cooperation with the local schools and the Parent Advisory Committee, becomes effective upon approval by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and remains in effect until the ISD submits any needed modifications.  The CCISD’s Plan is continually reviewed and modified based on changes in legislation, regulations, local programming or procedures.

In short, the ISD Plan describes how special education programs and services are to be delivered to students with disabilities.  Topics such as the following are required components of the Plan:

  • Obligations of the schools and the ISD

  • Public awareness

  • Type of programs and services that are available

  • Qualifications of personnel

  • Transportation

  • Distribution of funds

  • Parent Advisory Committee

Here is the current plan in PDF format: 2023 CCISD Special Education Plan