Pupil Accounting

The Copper Country Intermediate School District (CCISD) recognizes the critical role of accurate and timely student data in fostering comprehensive educational opportunities. Our dedicated Pupil Accounting team diligently ensures efficient enrollment processes, meticulous attendance tracking, and robust resource management across all 14 local school districts within the ISD.

The CCISD Pupil Accounting team serves as a vital pillar of our dedication to student success. We invite you to explore our resources, connect with our team, and discover how data can be transformed into a powerful tool for fostering equitable and impactful educational experiences for all children in the Copper Country.

For Graduation and Dropout, Schools of Choice and Section 25E Adjustment Request forms, please find them on this link.

Rachel Griffin

Rachel Griffin

Pupil Accounting Auditor / Grants AssistantCCISD Business Office