Work Based Learning

What is Work Based Learning?

Work Based Learning is an opportunity for students in the Copper Country Intermediate School District (CCISD) to spend meaningful time in the community work environment. The students develop and strengthen their work skills while participating in career exploration. Our goal is to have the students working as productive citizens contributing to their community.

Student helping the local Burger King by cleaning tables
Student helping a local business by shredding unneeded documents
Student working, cleaning tables at a local restaurant

How does Work Based Learning Work?

The CCISD students develop basic work skills in the classroom. They decide on the type of work they prefer and how that correlates with their work skill strengths. We attempt to provide unpaid Work Based Learning experiences for the students that match their preferences and work strengths. Work Based Learning is a great opportunity to assist students with disabilities in their career exploration. It adds a new dynamic to the workplace that will be beneficial to any company.

The students will be accompanied by a Job Coach (CCISD Employee) who will assist with training, assessments, and feedback. Additional support is provided by the CCISD teacher for placements, follow up, and assessments. The State of Michigan does require that you have liability insurance to ensure that we are placing students in a safe work environment; however, since we have a job coach/CCISD employee accompanying the student then the CCISD liability insurance is active.

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