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Lloyd Wescoat receives the Dragonfly Award at the 2023 Place-Based Education Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Lloyd Wescoat receives the Dragonfly Award at the 2023 Place-Based Education Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

HANCOCK (NOVEMBER 30, 2023) – Lloyd Wescoat, a dedicated member of the Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative (LSSI) leadership team, was honored as a recipient of the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative’s 2023 Dragonfly Award. She was recognized during the 2023 Place-Based Education Conference in Grand Rapids, MI, and celebrated for her exceptional contributions to the field of place-based stewardship education.

The Dragonfly Award, a prestigious accolade in the realm of place-based education, is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated significant dedication and created an impact on students. Past recipients have included K–12 teachers, non-formal educators, scholars, scientists, authors, and philanthropists, all of whom have left a mark on place-based stewardship education.
Wescoat’s decades of service to K-12 students, educators, and various community partners through her work with the Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative made her a standout choice for this distinguished honor. As part of the LSSI leadership team, Wescoat has played a pivotal role in fostering environmental stewardship and education, contributing to the initiative’s success in nurturing a deeper connection between students and their natural surroundings.

“I am deeply honored and humbled to receive the 2023 Dragonfly Award,” said Wescoat. “ It is truly heartening to see the positive impact we’ve had on our community. This award is not just mine; it belongs to all the dedicated educators, students, and partners who have participated in so many of our projects. I’m excited to continue working together to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.”

During the award ceremony, Monique Gray Smith, author of “Braiding Sweet Grass for Young Adults” and keynote speaker at the conference, presented Wescoat with a heartfelt gift—a felted heart. This symbolic gesture served as a recognition of the countless hearts she has touched throughout her career.

The Dragonfly Award is a testament to Lloyd Wescoat’s exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication, and significant contributions to the advancement of place-based stewardship education. Her impact resonates far and wide, leaving an enduring legacy in the field.

The Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative (LSSI) is a partnership between the Copper Country Intermediate School District and Michigan Tech, connecting schools and communities in stewardship of the Lake Superior Watershed.

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