Intermediate School District Annual Web Site Report

Public Act 413 of 2004 (Enrolled House Bill 5475) amended the Revised School Code by adding section 620 (MCL 380.620), which requires each intermediate school district to post certain information on its website by December 31 of each year, beginning in 2006. The required components are as follows:

  1. General Information (budget; pupils; employees; constituent districts, PSAs and non-public schools)
  2. Travel (for board members or administrators, if specific travel expenses exceed $3,000 paid for with ISD funds for the fiscal year)
  3. Contracts (contracts in excess of $100,000; those in excess of $25,000 if not competitively bid; and contracts with an entity in which an ISD board member, administrator or family member was known by the ISD board to have a monetary interest.)
  4. Contract Modifications
  5. Salaries, Expense Accounts and Supplemental Compensation (top 3% of ISD employees)
  6. Fiber Optic or Cable Equipment and Operating System Software Expenditures
  7. Public Relations, Polling, Lobbying and Legal Services (paid to non-employees)
  8. IRS Tax Form 1099s in Excess of $25,000
  9. Specific ISD Expenditures (administrative costs; public relations; surveys; polling; lobbying; legal fees)
  10. Motor Vehicle Information (does not include vehicles weighing more than 7,500 pounds, such as school buses)

Please click the following link to view the Copper Country ISD’s required reporting data.

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