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Dear Parents, Students, School Personnel and Residents of the CCISD:

Welcome to the Special Education Department of the Copper Country Intermediate School District. I hope you can easily locate any information you are seeking in this section of the CCISD Web Page. The area schools serve approximately 720 students with disabilities on an annual basis in the Copper Country, and we are fortunate to have many qualified teachers, ancillary personnel, support staff, school administrators and families working on behalf of students with disabilities.

The Copper Country Intermediate School District oversees the provision of special education services to students who are residents of the 14 local school districts within the ISD.

Special Education programs and services are intended to provide necessary support to students with disabilities in order to assure that yearly progress occurs in all curriculum areas. This progress is achieved when students with disabilities have access to grade level learning opportunities and also receive appropriate individually developed supports designed to assure progress.

In Michigan, students with disabilities are entitled to services beginning at birth to the age of 26. The Copper Country Intermediate School District outlines a comprehensive system of evaluation and program planning which assures that students’ needs are appropriately met according to federal and state special education laws.

Special education programs and services offered through the Copper Country Intermediate School District are outlined in the individual sections of this web page. Please review the many services that are provided for students in our three county area. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.

Kristina Penfold
Director of Special Education

teacher reading book to student, second picture of child getting off bus with a wheelchair, third picture a female student pushing another female student in a wheelchair

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