Through guided discussion and hands-on assignments, students will explore various systems in a manufacturing environment. Upon successful completion of this course students should have the knowledge to:

  • Implement quality control systems and practices to ensure quality products and services.
  • Understand what a mechatronic system is, and the inter-relationships of components and modules with a system
  • Understand the role of electrical components in complex mechatronic system and subsystems.
  • Explain the role of various mechanical components within a given system or module.
  • Describe the role of (electro) pneumatic and hydraulic systems in a complex mechatronic system and its subsystems.
  • Identify components of a computer network.
  • Apply safety practices in the environment where science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematical principles are appropriate to ensure a safe workplace.
  • Explain the role of programmable logic controllers in complex mechatronic systems, modules and subsystems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use a computer aided design software to create simple shapes.
  • Design a robot program for a flexible manufacturing

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