Health Education

Teaching knowledge and skills to enable students to be social-emotionally, mentally and physically healthy for a lifetime, is the role of Health Education.

Comprehensive school health education programs are meant to equip students with the ability to improve and maintain their health and well-being, including disease prevention, social emotional health, substance misuse prevention, safety, and avoiding or reducing health related risk behaviors.

We provide support for teachers and educational leaders in health education programs, curriculum, content knowledge, instruction, and assessment.

Michigan Health Education Standards

The Michigan Model for Health™ is an evidence-based, comprehensive and sequential Pre-K through 12th grade health education curriculum that aims to give children the knowledge and skills needed to practice and maintain healthy behaviors and lifestyles. It provides age-appropriate lessons addressing the most serious health challenges facing school-aged children.

The Michigan Model for Health™ facilitates learning through a variety of interactive teaching and learning techniques. Skill development through demonstration and guided practice is emphasized resulting in the development of positive lifestyle behaviors for students and families.

The skills taught in Michigan Model for Health™ are aligned to the Social Emotional Learning Competencies (SEL). The curriculum includes units around social emotional health, nutrition and physical activity, safety, substance use prevention, personal health and wellness, and, under LEA Board adoption, HIV/STI and pregnancy prevention.


Health Education Content

  • Social Emotional Health

  • Violence Prevention

  • Safety

  • Nutrition and Physical Activity

  • Substance Misuse Prevention

  • Personal Health and Wellness

  • Standards & Effectiveness

  • Scope & Sequence

  • Hot Topic Alignments

  • HIV and Other STIs. This requires separate training and curriculum from the core Michigan Model for Health™; contact Taryn Mason for information.

The Michigan Model for Health™ is designed for implementation as a component of the core school curriculum, with each of the lessons lasting 15-45 minutes in length. Many lessons include activities and resource sheets to facilitate parental and family involvement beyond the classroom. The curriculum can be implemented in public, private, or alternative schools.

For more information:

Taryn Mason, CCISD Regional School Health Coordinator