Mental Health Services

Mental Health services are provided by Copper Country ISD and are designed to support general education students in the K-12 setting.
Services are provided for students with mild to moderate mental health and/or behavioral concerns as determined through an intake
assessment. The Mental Health Professionals will work with the parents and teachers to develop a treatment plan and provide
services on a weekly basis for approximately 8-12 weeks. Contact the counselor or school administrator for more information.

Mental Health Services Staff

staff photo eric arundel

Mental Health Professional
Eric Arundel
(906)482-4250 ext 142

staff photo amber bennett

Mental Health Professional
Dr. Amber Bennett
(906)482-4250 ext 114

staff photo dayna browning

Mental Health Specialist
Dayna Browning
(906)482-4250 ext 151

staff photo jen harris

Mental Health Professional
Jen Harris
(906)482-4250 ext 150

staff photo andy kalcich

Mental Health Services Specialist / MSW Intern
Andrew Kalcich
(906)482-4250 ext 137

Mental Health Professional Karina Koenig

Mental Health Professional
Karina Koenig

staff photo natalie morgan

Mental Health Services Coordinator and Mental Health Professional
Natalie Morgan
(906)482-4250 ext 110

staff photo allie richmond

Mental Health Professional
Allison Richmond
(906)482-4250 ext 152

staff photo shelly smith

Mental Health Professional/School Social Worker
Shelly Smith
(906)482-4250 ext 155

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