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The governing body of the Intermediate District is a seven-person board elected by local school district Boards. The members serve six-year terms.

  • When: Regular meetings of the Board are conducted on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise posted.
  • Where: Copper Country ISD Houghton County Conference Room at 809 Hecla Street, Hancock, Michigan.
  • All meetings are open to the public.


Board President Karen M. Johnson

Karen M. Johnson

professional photo of gale eiloa

Gale W.Eilola

Board Treasurer Nels S. Christopherson

Nels S. Christopherson

Adam R. Loukus

Dale J. Kero

Trustee Lisa A. Tarvainen

Lisa A. Tarvainen

Tim Palosaari

Timothy Palosaari

Meeting Minutes

Board of EducationDateMeeting Minutes
Regular MeetingAugust 15, 2023Minutes
Organizational MeetingJuly 18, 2023Minutes
Regular MeetingJune 20, 2023Minutes
Special Meeting June 1, 2023Minutes
Regular MeetingMay 16, 2023Minutes
Regular MeetingApril 18, 2023Minutes
Regular MeetingMarch 21, 2023Minutes
Regular MeetingFebruary 21, 2023Minutes
Regular Meeting January 17, 2023Minutes
Regular MeetingDecember 20, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingNovember 17, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingOctober 18, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingSeptember 27, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingAugust 16, 2022Minutes
Organizational MeetingJuly 19, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingJune 21, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingMay 17, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingApril 19, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingMarch 15, 2022Minutes
Special MeetingMarch 3, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingFebruary 15, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingJanuary 18, 2022Minutes
Regular MeetingDecember 14, 2021Minutes
Regular MeetingNovember 16, 2021Minutes
Regular MeetingOctober 19, 2021Minutes
Regular MeetingSeptember 21, 2021Minutes
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