Area-wide Crisis Team Resources


  1. Michigan Department of Education – MI Ready Schools Toolkit – covers a variety of crisis situations.
  2. ASCA General information on Crisis
  3. National School Board Association: Utilizing Social Media During a CrisisCritical Incident Stress Management pamphlet for students, family and staff:
  4. National Child Traumatic Stress NetworkPsychological First Aid (manuals and worksheets for working with all different age groups)
  5. Copper Country Area Crisis Team Members


  1. Jason Foundation – excellent resource for youth, educators, coaches. Parent Program link included below. Apps for Apple and Android phones.Jason Foundation Parent Resource Program – support for parents of suicidal adolescents / youth.App: A Friend Asks
  2. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention / Suicide Prevention Resource Center
    After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools
  3. The Trevor Project – crisis line and resources. LGBTQ focused.They have a model school district policy on suicide prevention:
  4. SAMHSA – Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools (free or pdf if out of stock)

General Bereavement

  1. National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement


  1. Barbara Kettle Gundlach Shelter
  2. Baraga County Shelter Home
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