Copper Country Intermediate School District Administration

Staff photo of Jim Rautiola

James D. Rautiola
(906) 482-4250, Ext.185

staff photo kristina penfold

Director of Special Education
Kristina Penfold
(906) 482-4250, Ext. 190


staff photo of Janel Summers

Assistant Supervisor
of Special Education
Janel Summers
(906) 482-7260

staff photo Carla Strome

Director of General Education
Carla Strome
(906) 482-4250, Ext. 191




Staff photo Shawn Kolbus

Director, Career & Technical Education
Shawn Kolbus
(906) 482-4250, Ext. 310



staff photo steve kass

Director, REMC1
Steve Kass
(906) 482-4520, Ext. 240



staff photo Josh Hiner

REMC1 Technology Director
Josh Hiner
(906) 487-7624



staff photo Hayley Sargent

SupportNet Manager
Hayley Sargent
(906) 487-7624


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