Programs & Services

The Special Education Department provides a variety of services to local school districts, in addition to operating area-wide programs for students with moderate to severe learning needs.

The CCISD operates seven programs for students from the local districts in Baraga, Houghton and Keweenaw Counties with severe cognitive, moderate cognitive and mild cognitive impairments. Six of these are satellite programs and one is a center based program at the CCISD. Transportation is provided and coordinated by the CCISD.

aCommunity Transition Program (CTP)
Training Room
700 W. Sharon Avenue
Houghton, Michigan

bProgram for Students with Severe Disabilities(PSSD)
Baraga Child Development Center
210 Lyons St
Baraga, MI

cMild Cognitively Impaired Program(MiCi)
CCISD Learning Center
811 Hecla Street
Hancock, MI

dMild Cognitively Impaired Program(MiCi)
Barkell Elementary School
1201 N. Elevation Street
Hancock, MI 49930

eProgram for Students with Severe Disabilities(PSSD)
Hancock Middle School
501 Campus Dr.
Hancock, MI 49930

fMild Cognitively Impaired Program(MiCi)
Hancock High School
501 Campus Drive
Hancock, MI 49930

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